Baptism is the first step for each of us after we place our trust in Jesus Christ.

Jesus asks each of us to declare our faith in Him in this incredible and exciting way. It’s an awesome occasion and one that we can’t wait to celebrate with you. If you haven’t been baptized, NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO TAKE THIS NEXT STEP! Pastors and the team at each campus will have the towels, shirts, shorts and water ready for you after every service.

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  • "I was baptized as a baby. God is the heart center of my life and is now leading me to pursue baptism as an adult."
  • "I was baptized when I was a baby. I know because I have seen the pictures and my mom told me about it, but I don't remember it. My sister and I decided we wanted to be baptized again, so it would be our choice. I really love God and I can't wait to be baptized in the ocean!
  • "Since I have been raised in a Christian home, nothing has really changed. I just decided that I wanted to be baptized and be a forever-friend with Jesus."
  • "I have been going to church my whole life. I invited Jesus into my heart in kids church and have been growing in my faith ever since. I feel like this is the next big step in my faith and I want to show the world that I love Jesus and want to share that with others. I look forward to seeing what He will continue to do in me."
  • "I want to get baptized because it will allow me to follow Jesus. I will become a full Christian. Most of my family are Christians, and Jesus died on the cross for me as the ultimate kindness, so I want to follow His greatness."