Dwell In Safety

Dwell In Safety

Dwell In Safety

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8
Peace is more than a concept…a symbol… or a state of mind.

It is knowing that no matter how challenging life gets….
How heavy the burden feels…
How hard the winds blow…
How much it hurts…
How little money you have…
How deep the pit…
How unfair the decision…
No matter how long the road….

God is in control.

He’s not surprised by anything and He is already at work (even if you don’t see it yet)
We may not always understand the “why” or the “when”

But we can be at peace because we know the “Who” that was, is, and always will be.

God knows your pain… He knows your struggles… and He knows your situation. We may be tempted to get mad at God… after all if He knows we hurt so bad, why isn’t He bringing us peace?

Because it is during the storms of life where we grow stronger. When you’re stronger… you build perseverance… with perseverance comes character… and with character you get hope. (from Romans 5:3-5). This hope in God’s salvation, provision, and protection is what allows us to rest when the world trembles… to be able to climb over the obstacles and enjoy the view from the other side.

To have peace that nobody understands or can explain.

Peace comes from realizing that you can’t and were never designed to know it all, do it all, understand it all, or carry it all. It is a state of the heart that can be attained despite our circumstances, achieved regardless of wealth, or acquired without everything being perfect. It isn’t an ignorant state of bliss… but an intentional recognition of God’s sovereignty.
If you aren’t feeling peace in your life today, take a few minutes and commit today’s verse to memory. The next time the enemy wants to steal your peace… remind him Who is in control.


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