Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. One is too small of a number for greatness…
So let’s connect with others through Groups!

Want to get involved at Potential Church? Serve the community? Do life with people that are on a journey just like yours? Then becoming part of a group is your next step!


We have three different but equally amazing types of group here at Potential Church:

Home Groups

These groups meet in groups of 8-12 people in neighborhoods all over the world! These groups aren’t filled with perfect people. They aren’t Bible experts. They are simply people who want to partner together with others along the same stage of life. We have home groups of all women, all men, coed, students, young adults, seniors, etc. If you’ve lived it… others have too… and they make great friends to do life with.

Community Groups

These larger groups of 20 or 30+ go into our community and serve those that need it. They bring food to the hungry, provide comfort for the hurting, and are used by God to bring hope to those going through a tough season of life. In addition, these groups plan foreign mission trips around the globe to bring much needed love to communities all over the planet!

Volunteer Groups

These groups give their time on weekends to serve others that come to our campuses to grow and learn. There are dozens of places to serve on these teams, and one of them is sure to fit your gifts, interests, and passions! Play the guitar? Know how to put on makeup? Love kids? Can you cook? Like making people feel welcome? Know your way around a wireless router? Photographer? Teacher? The possibilities are endless!

Whichever type of group you choose, it’s sure to help you as you begin to discover your God potential!