Temple Centurions are a powerful group of people. They are world changers, giving above and beyond their regular tithes to protect God’s house and enlarge His Kingdom by pouring into Potential Church’s campus development initiatives. Creating lasting life change is the driving force behind what Temple Centurions do, and because of it, we have seen more people come to Christ than ever before.

Temple is a word used in the Old Testament. It represents where God dwells, His presence. A centurion was a Roman soldier in the New Testament who led 100 men, one who would protect, proclaim and promote. Together they represent a person who will protect, proclaim and promote the presence of God–one who believes in the vision and dream that God has given to Potential Church.

Last year, our Temple Centurions helped us launch two new campuses: one in Nassau, Bahamas and the other in Ventanilla, Peru. Through our mission of partnering with people to help them reach their God potential, thousands of lives have been completely transformed through the love, compassion and generosity of people who have committed to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

This year, Potential Church is excitedly preparing for its 8th and newest campus, soon to launch in New York City during the fall of 2013! Our church has been praying, fasting and investing countless months of hard work and dedication into making this dream a reality. God has opened a major door for us in what is considered one of the most influential cities in America, allowing us to have a powerful impact not just on the city, but throughout the world.

Through our consistent faithfulness, God has allowed us to grow and impact thousands of lives that will never be the same. We invite you to join us. For the cost of a daily coffee run, you too can go above and beyond your regular tithes and change the world! Thank you for praying about becoming a Temple Centurion.