Temple Centurions


At Potential Church, we strive to create and maintain engaging, distraction-free environments where people feel comfortable and welcomed. This value drives us toward excellence and a desire to elevate the experience at all of our campuses. Last Temple Centurion season, we replaced over a dozen failed a.c. units across all campuses, replaced damaged roofing and laid down new flooring, which incurred a cost of $410,000. Though we saw significant progress, there’s still much to be done. This season, our goal is to upgrade all the baptism tanks and parking environments throughout our campuses. The project totals over $170,000 to complete, but with last year seeing over 1,500 people baptized, it’s a solid investment. 

Technology upgrades also remain a high priority as we race toward creating a world-class experience for every attendee. Although ‘High Definition’ is the industry standard, we’re still broadcasting through a video switcher that’s over 30 years old and using cameras that were handed down to us 10 years ago. With video being our primary tool connecting all campuses together, we dream of being able to deliver better quality audio and video to each guest at all of our locations.


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