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Potential Church is actively searching for a passionate and execution driven leader to join the team as a Campus Pastor. We’re looking for someone with the ability to develop and implement a catalytic strategy, aligning to Potential’s global vision, which will impact the local community.


  • Ignite a movement within your local community, aligned to the global mission, with a radical commitment to reaching people far from God and partnering with them to reach their God Potential.


  • Must be able to effectively lead (not manage) the campus staff, volunteers, teams, and execution in excellence
  • Maintain a spirit of flexibility and be able to change directions quickly with a consistent enthusiastic attitude
  • Infuse the ethos of Potential Church into the culture
  • Develop reproducible volunteer teams where people are engaged, equipped, empowered, and encouraged.
  • Must be able to effectively influence the campus attendees, volunteers, and staff to follow
  • Compelling communicator engaging minds and hearts to take spiritual steps.

Strategic Development

  • Establish and inspect systems that will initiate and sustain growth at the campus
  • Create irresistible environments where people of all ages engage in life impacting steps.
  • Lead team in the development and growth of a strong group ministry fostering community involvement, spiritual growth, and community impact.
  • Develop a biblically healthy culture of generosity where donors are engaged and giving is taught and celebrated.


  • Responsible for being the extension of the lead pastor’s arms to carry out the Vision at the Campus.
  • Intentionally lead staff and volunteers – aligning the local campus to the Global direction.
  • Infuse the ethos of Potential Church into the culture

Global Leadership

  • CONNECT each ministry with Potential’s vision and ethos – protecting and radically aligning the ministry to the global strategic plan.
  • COLLABORATE with campus staff and leaders intentionally maximizing individual gifts and passions to create, innovate, and develop a thriving ministry.
  • CREATE dynamic and life impacting environments, engaging programs, fluid systems, and supporting materials that helps people reach their God potential.
  • COACH staff and leaders imparting experience, insight, and direction committed to partner with each campus to reach its God Potential by embracing innovation and creativity while adapting to growth and change.


The disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture or movement.

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We view diversity as foundational to our culture to promote an inspired, collaborative and energetic work environment.


When you get better, we get better. So instead of a development program, we have a development culture. You’ll have opportunities, support, and plenty of feedback to help you grow professionally and spiritually.