Steph and I hope that you are well. We know this is a season of uncertainty for many of us, but our prayer is that you would remain confident that we serve a mighty God that is in full control! We have been actively monitoring the impact of COVID-19 across our nation and here locally. Countless hours have been spent praying and seeking wisdom to provide an informed and measured response for you, our church family, as we aim to prioritize the safety of our community, as well as be a source of hope and encouragement during this concerning time.

With this in mind, we will be streaming our weekend services online for the time being. We will have services available in both English and Spanish. Please take a moment to view the service times below, as well as our different media platforms. We encourage you to choose one that best suits your schedule. You can stream from home or host a watch party with your friends, loved ones, and those in your connect group.

Steph and I love you and are praying for your well-being. Remember to use caution and wisdom, but refuse to live in fear! Our God is supreme!

God Bless,

Troy Gramling – Lead Pastor, Potential Church

In a crisis like this, it’s common for misinformation to spread, and it can be difficult to figure out who and what to trust. Here are some reliable resources that can connect you with accurate and helpful info.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC is the leading national public-health organization in the U.S. and has up-to-date info on COVID-19 (coronavirus). CLICK HERE

World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO is the United Nations’ agency for global public health.  CLICK HERE

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Uncertainty and confusion can have a harmful effect on your mental health. This article from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention gives you five ways to take care of your mental health in the face of uncertainty. CLICK HERE

Replace Worry With Worship

The Potential Worship Team has put together this Spotify® playlist of hopeful worship songs. Listen and be reminded of the hope that God provides every day. CICK HERE

Hey MOM & DAD!

We got something SUPER FUN planned for the kiddos this Sunday, Our Life Development Team has put together a special program and we CANNOT WAIT to share it with you. CLICK HERE

Local Food Pantries

If you are in need of food or supplies, please contact us at 954.434.1500. We have prepared care packages that can be delivered to your house from Potential Church. There are also local Food Pantries that we partner with to help you with your needs. CLICK HERE

Potential Church Food Pantry Donations

We are in need of these items, you can donate by calling 954.434.1500 to schedule a time for drop off. Hand Sanitizer, Cleaning Wipes, Sanitary Gloves, Face Masks, Disinfectant Spray, Personal hygiene wipes, Ensure, Baby formula, Baby wipes, Bleach , Rubbing Alcohol, Non Perishable foods.