Kids Camp Wild | 2020


Are you ready for Kids Camp Wild?

Kids Camp is an experience unlike any other! Your little ones will learn more about Christ in a fun and unforgettable way. Kids Camp is geared toward children who are 3 years old through the completion of 5th grade. Each day will be packed with energetic worship services, engaging teachings, competitive games, creative crafts, and much more! Kids Camp is not limited to those who attend Potential Church, but is open for all that fit these criteria!

Due to COVID-19, Kids Camp may look different than we had originally planned, but we are still excited to partner with you to host the best experience possible while encouraging kids to believe, trust, and act in faith!



Dates and times:


Thursday, July 23rd
6PM – 8:30PM – 3 year olds through 1st grade experience

Friday, July 24th
6PM – 8:30PM – 2nd Grade through 5th grade experience

Kids Camp is a two-day event followed by a Promotion Parade for those kids who are being promoted to the next ministry; (Pre-Schoolers to Kindergarten & 5th grade to youth ministry).


Ages: 3-year-olds to Completed 5th grade




Dates and times:


Thursday, July 23rd
6PM – 8:30PM – Ages: 2 years to completing 5th Grade

Friday, July 24th
6PM – 8:30PM – Ages: 2 years to completing 5th Grade (Both days)


Kids Camp Wild – 2020 Safety Protocol 

Volunteers are required to wear masks (and gloves when necessary). Volunteers will encourage kids on the best hygiene and social-distancing practices. Social distancing guidelines are that volunteers need to be placed a minimum of 6 feet apart. Volunteers will have their temperature taken each day before volunteering. PKids will have designated volunteers responsible for cleaning and sanitizing common-area surfaces.

Volunteers to be positioned at check-in door to avoid crowding in the check-in area. Computers to be frequently wiped down between each use. Each child will have their temperature taken before entering Kids Camp each day. Each child’s hands will be sprayed with sanitizer before entering Kids Camp.

Kids will be encouraged to wear their mask at all times, wash their hands often, avoid touching their faces, maintain distance from others, cover their mouth and nose properly, and let team members know if they are not feeling well.

Home Rooms / Teams
We will maintain a 2-adult to 8-child ration (2:8). Will hold the same standards as listed above. After each rotation, all items will be thoroughly wiped down and sanitized.