Map Test

[res_map address=”New York City | Nassau, Bahamas | Peru | Cuba | Philippines | South Africa” description=”Flip us a Bird NYC- November23rd-26st 2014 (Sunday-Wed){br}Location: New York City{br}Organization: Legacy Center, Mosbi Soup Kitchen, & Potential Church {br}What we will be doing: Working side by side of the legacy Center to feed hundreds for{br} Thanksgiving also working with Masbi soup kitchen. We will also get to serve with our NYC campus and missions team{br}{br}Cost: $1,000.00 Est. | February 18th-23rd 2015 (Wednesday-Monday){br} Location: Nassau, Bahamas{br} Organization: Potential Church{br} What we will be doing: Working with our partnered organizations, helping our Bahamas campus and missions team. During this trip we also want the opportunity to serve the community.{br{br}Cost: $1,100 est. | September 16th-21st (Wednesday-Monday) {br} Location: Lima/ Iquitos Peru ( Iquitos is still in planning){br} Organization: Potential Church {br}What we will be doing: Working with our partnered organizations, helping our Lima campus and missions team. Also working with the Tribes along the amazon. {br}{br}Cost: $2,000.00 est. | April 15th-20th (Wed-Sunday) {br}Location: Cuba {br} Organization: Global Kingdom Partners {br}{br}Cost: $1,100.00 est. | July 13th-20th (Monday-Monday){br}Location: Tacloban, Philippines {br}Organization: Adventure in Missions / Kids International Missions{br}What we will be doing: Bringing the love of Christ to a people of Tacloban. Continue to help rebuild houses. {br}{br}Cost: $3,000.00 est | August 24th-31st (Monday- Monday) {br}Location: Swaziland or Uganda, Africa {br}Organization: Adventures in Missions{br}What we will be doing: We will working with AIDS camps supporting and encourage AIDs victims. We will get the opportunity to feed people to working with orphanages.{br}{br}Cost: $4,000 est.” directionstext=”” icon=”magenta | magenta | magenta | magenta | magenta | magenta” pancontrol=”yes” scalecontrol=”yes” typecontrol=”no” streetcontrol=”no” zoom=”2″ zoomcontrol=”yes” draggable=”yes” scrollwheel=”yes” width=”100%” height=”500px” maptype=”terrain” popup=”no” center=”18.24412028594528, 34.172902850000014″ refresh=”yes” style=”2″]