Potential College Site Director



Job Title:      Potential College Site Director

Summary/Vision of Position:     The Potential College Site Director is responsible for providing mentoring, partnering & delivering/managing those “next steps” to enrolled developing leaders in Potential College.

Requirements of the Position:

  • Ambassador & protector of the Potential Church Vision & Ethos
  • Provide general oversight for the Potential College Program
  • Primary relationship manger between SEU and Potential College
  • Set direction for Potential College and ensure it remains in alignment with the vision of Potential Church
  • Provide mentoring to college students

Potential College Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Establish student weekly schedule
  • Work on new initiatives to help improve and grow the college (i.e. church partnerships and dual enrollment, practicum scaffolding)
  • Ensure compliance with policy guidelines
- are these SEU’s policy guidelines?
  • Deal with escalated student issues
  • Implement and manage all SOPs for the College
  • Recruit and lead team of staff/volunteers to execute the mission and vision of the college
  • Organize and lead student Orientation
  • Oversee weekly College Update meeting
  • Manage communications and marketing requests
  • Manage room scheduling and student requests
  • Ensure class schedule and study hall is operating properly
  • Provide consistent presence in College facility
  • Oversee social media posts and college email address
  • Manage student files for practicum and weekly schedule
  • Schedule and host preview nights
  • Meet with prospective students
  • Interview all new applicants to ensure fit
  • Build recruiting partnerships with churches and schools
  • Develop marketing plan to help grow enrollment in the College
  • Oversee and achieve all growth objectives for the College
  • Assist students with enrollment process (completing application, contacting admissions, collecting transcripts, writing essay, character reference, FAFSA, etc.)
  • Oversee weekly Squad Groups (devotional time)
  • Plan student life activities
  • Ensure students are having fun and enjoying the Potential College experience
  • Create opportunities for spiritual growth
  • Create opportunities for community and friendships
  • Front-line student pastor to college students to help provide pastoral care
  • Plan and lead one conference a year (supported by Admin)
  • Plan and lead one mission trip a year (supported by Admin)
  • Recruit, train, and support Practicum Coaches
  • Manage practicum engagement guidelines
  • Ensure weekly student/coach 1:1’s are happening
  • Ensure that students are experiencing valuable development opportunities
  • Support students and coaches when questions or issues arise around practicum
  • Ensure students are meeting a minimum of 8 hours per week and no more than 15 hours a week in practicum (especially important for students on academic probation)
  • Plan, recruit, and schedule for the Leadership Training Class
  • Assist students with academic success
  • Ensure bi-weekly mentor check-ins are happening
  • Recruit and mange team of student mentors
  • Assist students with registering for classes
  • Assist students with ordering books
  • Assist students with financial aid paperwork issues
  • Inspect student’s academic progress to ensure they are keeping up
  • Inspect that class syllabus is printed and due dates are in agenda
  • Develop and implement additional student success strategies as needed (i.e. tutoring services)
  • Develop overall structure (and provide assignments) for student selected track
  • Provide assignments to students in that track


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