Would you go to a restaurant that had 1 star reviews, or no reviews at all? Would you take your children to a daycare that had the worst reviews? Let’s be honest, would you even consider a church with terrible ratings because of people’s experiences? One of our biggest drivers to people visiting our church is online reviews. People are researching who we are before they step foot in our door and because of this, we’re asking you as a person who’s fully invested into Potential Church to help. Review the campus(es) you’re involved with, online. Here’s how you can help.

IMPORTANT: If you’ve never reviewed any location, PLEASE, do not review Potential Church first. Take a moment right now and review 3-4 of your favorite stores or restaurants near your home or near your Potential Campus. Then, take a moment to review the campuses you’re involved with below. Your review will mean more if you’ve reviewed other places first.

Also, consider registering as a “Google Local Guide“. Your reviews and thoughts will mean more to the Google System if you take the time to be a Local Guide.

Tips on leaving a proper review (full article on

  • Be informative and insightful. Describe what other visitors are likely asking.
  • Keep it real, be authentic. Review your own experience.
  • Be respectful.
  • Reviews, not General Commentary. Don’t get into religious commentary to incite debate online.
  • Keep reviews readable. A paragraph is great!
  • Be creative, and have fun!

Campuses can be found below, with links to Google, YELP, and Facebook. Please use personal accounts ( accounts) to make the review. Thanks.