A Christmas Carol

Hope for a Better Tomorrow
A Christmas Carol – Week 1
December 5-6, 2015

As Potential Church kicks off the Christmas season, Pastor Troy Gramling reminds us that we can have a Merry Christmas by considering how similar we all are to Mary, the mother of Jesus. In this impactful teaching, we’re encouraged to believe that if God did the miraculous through a young virgin, He can move mighty mountains in our lives too.

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“Two Pence Is Two Pence”
A Christmas Caro – Week 2
December 12-13, 2015

Finances often cause great stress and anxiety, especially when resources are limited. Join Pastor Troy Gramling as he teaches how generosity is the pathway to breakthrough and reaching our God-given destiny.

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“Happy Holidays?”
A Christmas Carol Week 3
December 19-20, 2015

A life without God results in darkness, but life with Him is filled with light, life, and hope. Join Pastor Troy as he explains why Christ’s light can make this Christmas a merry one.

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“Can You Escape a Future Haunted by Your Past?”
A Christmas Carol – Week 4
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Most of us has made mistakes that we’re not proud of. Memories that keep us up at night and whisper that our future will be as dim as our past. In Pastor Troy’s teaching this week, however, we learn that God doesn’t agree with this mindset. Check out how God promises to give you a future and a hope, no matter what mistakes you

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“Not Too Late”
A Christmas Carol – Week 5
December 27, 2015
Pastor Brian Vasil

Forgiveness is something that’s often times difficult to extend – not just to other people – but also to  ourselves. Join Pastor Brian Vasil as he teaches about the importance of forgiveness and discover the ultimate act of forgiveness that Christ died to give us – all so we can spend an eternity with Him.

Keeping our Commitments: Creating Lasting Change
A Christmas Carol – Week 6
January 2-3, 2006
Pastor Frank Toral