Daredevil "Doing What Others Say Is Impossible"


Pastor Troy Gramling
“Doing What Others Say is Impossible”

What does it take to do the impossible? In this week’s kickoff to our Daredevil series, Pastor Troy unpacks the one ingredient necessary to take us from a place of dreams and promises to actual fulfillment.


Pastor Brian Vasil
“Walking With God”

Is it possible to maintain a vibrant walk with God for the long haul? This week Pastor Brian Vasil takes us to the life of one of the most long-lived men in the Bible to find the answer.


Pastor Troy Gramling
The Good “Fight”

The boxing gloves are on for this inspiring message from Pastor Troy Gramling about the faith that it takes for us to stay in the fight when we’d rather quit.


Pastor Troy Gramling
“What are you Listening To?”

The success we desire to experience in our lives in many ways depends on what we listen to.
In this week’s teaching, Pastor Troy Gramling shares a lesson from the life of a leader who experienced tremendous success in doing what others said was impossible.


“Naked and Afraid”
Tyler Gramling

If we’re going to live the life God intended, it’s going to involve risk, vulnerability, and a willingness to face our fears. This week Tyler Gramling closes out our DareDevil series with a stirring call to boldly pursue God’s calling on our lives.