Family Restoration

Pastor Troy Gramling

“Restoring Commitment”

Old, worn out things can be restored. In the kickoff to our Family Restoration series, Pastor Troy shows us the first ingredient to a successful family restoration.

Pastors Troy & Stephanie Gramling

“Restoring Romance”

Pastor Troy & Stephanie Gramling bring an encouraging message about how to ignite and restore the romance in a marriage.

Pastor Buddy Cremeans

Pastor Buddy Cremeans shares with Potential Church what the Scriptures teach about how to restore peace in our lives.

Erwin McManus

“The Artisan Soul”

A work of art. Could that phrase ever be used to describe you? In this week’s message, Pastor Erwin McManus takes us to the life of Moses to illustrate the sometimes-forgotten truth that you are an artist commissioned by God to bring beauty into this world.

Frank Toral

“Seize the Moment”

Pastor Frank Toral shares his heart in a message about navigating the ins and outs of family life.

Pastor Troy Gramling

“Restoring the Power of Parenting”

In this inspiring finale to our Family Restoration series, Pastor Troy Gramling shares a series of powerful lessons in parenting from the pages of Scripture. Whether you’re a parent or just know one, this message will be sure to challenge and encourage you.