From The Heart

Pastor Troy Gramling

Pastor Troy Gramling

“Success Weekend”

Success is available to all of us. The only question is, are we willing to pay the price to see it happen? This week, Pastor Troy teaches us about the five people you need to have in your life if you plan on succeeding.

Pastor Troy Gramling


No matter what season you are in or how challenging your life may be, things can change. Your life can be radically different. The Scriptures teach it, and in today’s message, Pastor Troy shares with us a guaranteed way for you and I to experience the blessing, the joy, and the success that God created you for.

Pastor Frank Toral

“Diagnosis: Overwhelmed
From Concern to Wellness”

The Bible teaches that there is a supernatural kind of peace that we can experience when we choose with our hearts and our actions to believe in God and His promises. Pastor Frank Toral leads us this week in a quest for financial peace as we continue our special series, From The Heart.

Pastor Brain Vasil

“A Risk Worth Taking”

In this week’s teaching, Pastor Brian Vasil uses humor and a passion for people to inspire the Potential Church family to invite their circles of influence to a Christmas experience that will transform lives.

“Success in 2015”
Dr. Dave Martin
Sunday, January 11, 2015

This week features an encouraging word from Dr. Dave Martin, the World’s #1 Christian Success Coach. With his trademark humor and style, he brings an encouraging reminder that success in 2015 is available to everyone.