Temple Centurions


There’s no doubt that we’re passionate about reaching beyond our four walls to impact and invest into our communities. Jesus said in John 13:35 that the world would know that we are His followers by the way we love each other and help those in need. Following His command, we commit to being some of the first responders to natural disasters in our communities.

As we serve around the world and across boarders we minister weekly to the impoverished children living in the shantytown of Ventanilla, Peru as well as the orphans in Lima, Peru. We will continue training and sending out hundreds of volunteers to bring hope and meet the physical and spiritual needs of those hurting. Through our partnership with C3 Global we will be a part of providing over 3.8 million meals to orphans in Haiti and sanitation, nutrition, education and life transformation for orphans in Guatemala.Touching lives through our continued partnership with these ministry partners will allow us to restore hope to those without in our own backyard.


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