Temple Centurions


Our mission is to partner with people to reach their God potential. Our vision is to change the world through 50 influential campuses across the globe.From our original campus located in Cooper City, Florida, we have seen the expansion of this dream with the launch of our other Florida campuses in Hallandale Beach and Pensacola. We have also launched two campuses in Peru (Lima and Ventanilla), one in Nassau, Bahamas and our internet campus, which has penetrated the online world, mixing passion and technology.

New York City is considered the most influential city in the world, yet it remains one of the most unchurched. What does this mean to us? It’s fertile ground to plant the seed of Jesus Christ and watch it grow exponentially. Finding the leader and recruiting our core team was only the beginning. We now begin the exciting process of finding a permanent location to meet in and connecting with the people of this vibrant and beautiful city. This vision of seeing a dynamic, impactful campus in Manhattan can become a reality through the generosity and support of our entire church family. To locate and add the staff needed for this campus, as well as the rent and technology to create the Potential Church experience, we are praying to raise $968,000. This will allow us to cover the first year, while developing a local core who will take on the financial responsibility of reaching Manhattan and expanding to each of the surrounding boroughs. 

In addition, our hearts are still set in Miami. With a core of about 200 Miami residents already attending our Hallandale Beach campus, our desire is to raise an additional $432,000 for the Miami campus launch. This would allow us to begin hiring and training a team, while also securing a strategic location in the city.

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