Viva Women


VIVA exists to partner with women to reach their God-potential.

It is inspired by the desire to see women of all ages rise up and become everything that God has destined, created, and crafted them to be. VIVA is a community of women from all different walks of life committed to strengthening, sharpening, and equipping one another through every season so that together, we can influence our world for good.

VIVA consists of one-night events and connect groups that take place throughout the year, along with our annual conference held in October. We invite you to join this global movement as we unveil the strength, passion, and beauty that lies within each one of us, so that together, we may step into our God-given destiny while making his name famous across the earth.


Potential Church believes that one is too small a number for greatness. We encourage you to join a connect group that meets throughout the year. In these groups, you will build lasting relationships to carry you through every season of life.

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Our annual VIVA Women’s Conference is a two night, hope-filled, energetic worship and learning experience where over a thousand women gather to be encouraged, get pampered, and hear from world-renown guest speakers. This conference is sure to equip and empower you to be the woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and leader that God has called you to be.

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