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Potential Church is actively searching for a passionate and execution driven leader to join the team as a Worship Pastor.


The Worship Pastor will bring oversight, leadership and direction to the music ministry at one of Potential Church campuses, introducing and maintaining a culture of musical excellence, spiritual integrity and intentional creativity. They will lead worship at all services and events, including conferences, mid-week events at Potential Church.

The Worship Pastor will provide leadership and mentorship for developing worship leaders, band members, at their respective campus.  They will be responsible for recruiting new vocalists and musicians, and choir when necessary.

The Worship Pastor will be a part of the global Creative Team as needed, and will work closely with the Creative Director, to create effective worship experiences at their respective Potential Church campus. They will also be dedicated to continued growth and development, both as a leader and artist.

Focus Areas

  • Provide overall leadership to the music ministry
  • Lead worship at all services and special events
  • Recruit and train new worship leaders, vocalists and band members
  • Work with Creative director to craft effective worship experiences
  • Skills in Ableton, a plus


Potential Church has a high capacity, driven staff with a culture of excellence and personal development. The church is looking for a self-motivated proactive leader who is comfortable with a high level of involvement and a constantly developing environment. The Worship Pastor must be flexible and passionate in their role and be able to connect with the Production and Programming Teams. The successful candidate must be excellent at developing volunteer leaders who develop other leaders and bring depth to volunteer teams and leaders. They must have excellent project management abilities in addition to their artistic abilities.


The disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture or movement.

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We view diversity as foundational to our culture to promote an inspired, collaborative and energetic work environment.


When you get better, we get better. So instead of a development program, we have a development culture. You’ll have opportunities, support, and plenty of feedback to help you grow professionally and spiritually.